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So, what plugins?

Contact Form 7 Countries

We needed a very simple, native “Countries” drop-down form tag for CF7 without the hoo-ha.

We don’t want to use “Listo”; we don’t want to have a big chunk of [select] form tag with all the country names in it (because that’s not pretty) in the form template; we don’t want to have any predefined CSS styling attached to the dropdown because we want to style it our way.

So we created Contact Form 7 Countries. Install the plugin and you will get “countries drop down” form tag in CF7. The countries list is the same countries list used by WooCommerce.

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The Missing Blogspot to WordPress Migration Assistant

Let’s be honest: WordPress’ native “Import” tool isn’t that comprehensive and useful when it comes to migrating a larger Blogspot site to self-hosted WordPress.

XML export file too big? Images not completely downloaded? Post URL and “Page not found” issue? Facing problem trying to convert Blogspot “Tags” to WordPress’ “Categories” because you have 30,000 posts?

Yes, we’ve been there – that’s why we’re developing The Missing Blogspot to WordPress Migration Assistant. Coming soon!

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Coda Library is our repository of all useful tips, hacks and knowledge that we’ve collected through out the years while customising WordPress and WooCommerce.

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